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The Journey Continues for Voicemail

Voicemail’s career came to a crossroads with the tragic loss of group member Oneil Edwards in May 2010. Now, two years later, they have picked up the pieces and are carrying on as a duo.  “Oniel would never have wanted us to stop,” expressed Jerome Jackson, one of the remaining two, further adding, “Voicemail is still here and strong.” This is where the inspiration behind the name of the mix-tape came from.  The title ‘The Journey Continues’ signifies the group’s will to continue producing music as the unit ‘Voicemail’. Jackson explained that the mix-tape was a symbol of appreciation for their fans who have kept them motivated to create new music as a group in the face of their afflictions.
Although their sound is deep rooted in dancehall, Jamaican fans will encounter more diverse elements of the group than they are typically familiar with. ‘The Journey Continues’ is a rich blend of Dancehall, Reggae, R&B and House music.  It comprises of mostly new songs such as “Wrong Number” featuring Alaine and “Party is Life” with Agent Sasco. Other guest collaborations include Konshens, Raine Seville and RDX.
The mixtape was compiled by renowned disc jock, The Party Animal, Kurt Riley which Jackson hopes will wet appetites and get everyone pumped for the expected release of their fifth studio album ‘Next Level’ this summer.

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