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Beenie Man On Bowing To Gays

After years of protests, cancelled shows, and lost revenues for dancehall artists known for anti-homosexual lyrics, Beenie Man finally had enough !! In a shocking videotaped statement, Beenie Man “begged” gay rights groups to turn the page and move on and stop fighting against him and other dancehall artists for homophobic lyrics written, in his case, decades ago.

In the Beenie Man “hostage tape” presented below, he states that he has no animosity towards anyone based on their “race, religion, or sexual preference” and more or less gave the Rodney King “can’t we all just get along” speech. Though it may be a practical, humane, and business minded decision to release this statement and aim to move past the issue, given the rampant homophobia that is deeply entrenched within dancheall circles, Beenie is sure to get some blowback from the dancehall community for the video below.


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